So, I faced a problem while creating Defuse Divison, which was getting unicode symbols to display in my terminal. Specifically, I wanted the unicode Bomb character (💣 ) to display properly.

To make this work, I initially extended my font configuration in .Xresources, adding a line to allow for Symbola as a fallback font for urxvt:

!                                 └──────────────────┘
!                                   I added this part

However, when I printed a bomb character, I was still seeing tofus (as in, little rectangles that look like blocks of tofu). I’d heard that this was a problem with the size of various symbols in fonts being larger than the single “box” that they’re supposed to take. So I tried just shrinking the font of Symbola so these custom symbols would display inside a single “box”, and what do you know, it worked! So now that line of my .Xresources is this:


Hope this helps you get the fancy fonts you want in your terminal!