You might’ve guessed from the big letters up top, but I’m Leland Batey. I’m currently studying computer science, and I love to build things. Usually the things I build are software, but at the very least they’re computer related.

Here are a few of the things I’ve built:

Lumen Gaming, LLC

Lumen Gaming, now dissolved, was a Minecraft server hosting co-founded by myself and my friend, Taylor Love. Founded in ~2011, we operated for two years till it became apparent that Lumen Gaming demanded more time and energy than school and work afforded. Because of that, we shut it down in 2013-2014.

Where I Am

Where I Am shows where I, Leland Batey, am in real time. More exactly, it shows the latest coordinates reported by phone, which I nearly always have with me. Data is updated approximately every 30 seconds to 1 minute, so I’m always at least very near where it shows I am.


GifMachine (now defunct) was a web app to let you make gifs fast! After operating for several years and after hundreds of thousands of gifs made, YouTube blacklisted GifMachine, halting its operation. As of now, all that remains is a small archive of a random set of those gifs, with a page that randomly cycles through them. makes reading and sharing markdown documents simple. Just get a link to a markdown document online and give it to You’ll get back a link to a page that shows your document rendered in beautiful HTML, and that’s always up to date!


Veiled lets you control a computer from afar in a simple way. Launch processes, send and receive commands remotely, even interact with your processes in real time through the control panel. It’s like you’re using a Terminal, but over the web!


I’ve worked on, and am always working on, many other projects. You can check them out on my github, or contact me to learn more.


If you’re looking for my resume, find it here.